Dulce Tapp – Day of the Dead – The Journey
November 18, 2017 – January 5, 2018

Applecrate Galleries will be hosting a Mexican cultural event on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 6 -9 pm to open Dulce Tapp’s “Day of the Dead – The Journey” exhibition. This is going to be a show that promotes the Mexican culture to the people of Ottawa. Come and enjoy the food, music, and costumes to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Dulce was born in Mexico City and moved to Canada in 1991. She has a degree in Architecture from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and practiced professionally for years. In 2009 she became a full time artist, and works from her studio in Ottawa. Over the years she participated in numerous contests and her work has appeared in various magazines in Canada and the United States. Dulce has exhibited her art in a number of galleries around Ottawa.

Dulce Tapp’s work comes from her interest in urban living and design. She is always exited to start with a blank canvas and experimenting with paper and bright colours to get the perfect background, which leads her to the next step. “Sometimes a reflection, a decision, a 3D object, a collage, texture, imagination and creation will give the viewer the best of me” says Dulce, “The freedom that I feel when I am creating a piece of art is the best gift I have”.

For this show, Dulce’s intention was to represent her roots, the colour, the culture, the abundance of design, the ingenuity and authenticity of Mexico is one of the most important things that she considers. She has a respect and admiration for her culture and the importance to acknowledge, as a unity of the strong beliefs of Mexican People about “The Day of the Dead” is what this exhibition will represent. Quotes, poems, pictures, papers, hours or research, among other things are a real inspiration when she encounters a white canvas.

The title of this exhibition “The Journey” is a reflection and interpretation of the beliefs and respect that her ancestors have for the dead, that death is an extension of life. The memories and experiences, the collective ideas, the colourful and creative ways to represent death in a playful and humorous vision is how Dulce expresses these beliefs in each and every piece.

“The journey starts and crossing the unknown will lead you to find your new life.
How exiting, how brave, glorious days will arrive, do not be afraid, the light will be your guide”. — Signed, The Soul

The vernissage will be held Saturday, November 18th from 6-9pm. Applecrate Galleries is located at 5530 Manotick Main Street.

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