Marion Aitken – Living Fully Alive
January 2, 2018 – February 9, 2018

Marion Aitken was born in Zimbabwe to a New Zealand father and Canadian mother but grew up in Stratford, Ontario. Since childhood, she has thrived creating beautiful things, so naturally studied art in school.

A graduate of London Ontario’s Bealart Vocational Art Program and Sheridan College’s Technical Illustration Program, Marion’s artistic passion is to compose accurate, striking images full of vivid colour and/or tone, rich in detail, reflecting the fascinating patterns and designs found both in the natural and urban worlds. She paints realistically and prefers to use her own photographs as reference material. These photographs capture inspiring subjects from her travels. She has travelled extensively throughout North, Central and South America, Britain and New Zealand over the past several years. This exposure to different cultures and customs has tempered both her artistic expression and world view.

Marion officially began exhibiting in 2008 at “Art in the Park” in her hometown of Stratford, Ontario. Since that time she has made Ottawa, Ontario her home. Here she continues to relish the creativity of her career as a graphic designer and artist.
Since childhood she has had an imaginative streak, creating some epic mouse houses (using boxes, Styrofoam and the like), jaw-dropping Plasticine sculptures, runway-worthy fashions (that is ‘Dress Up Box fashions’). She attributes her creativity to the strong family support and creative freedom she was given.

Marion’s work is a refreshing corner full of colour and beauty combined to celebrate Life. She believes each individual has something unique to share with others, and she feels she becomes more fully alive when she uses her gift to brighten the lives of others, and to push back the gloom in the world. It is a matter of life and death that we use our lifes’ skills and resources to free the passion inside us. Existing without joy, purpose or passion, our lives would become hollow. And though our hearts beat, we can be walking around lifeless. If we ourselves are dead, how can we bring life to others?
We seldom realize how our contributions may raise someone’s spirits from a dark place. Her art touches a spot in the human heart – in varying ways from person to person – and can have a life-giving effect to those who are open to it.

“If even one person’s day can be brightened by gazing at my work, I feel a deep satisfaction”.
– Marion Aikens

Marion sincerely hopes to encourage people to fight through whatever barriers may try to prevent them from coming fully alive! The World needs people to bring their unique flavour to the monotony by releasing their passion. Here’s to Life and living fully alive!

Marion Aitken’s work will be on display at Applecrate Galleries from January 2 to February 9, 2018. Applecrate Galleries is located at 5530 Manotick Main Street.

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