On Saturday, February 10th, Applecrate Galleries was happy to celebrate a new exhibition featuring Russ Paquette’s romantic landscapes. The unexpected snow storm wasn’t enough to keep the true art lovers from venturing to the gallery to take in the beauty of Russ’ work.

For this exhibition, Russ drew inspiration from his spirituality, and from his reverence of poetry and nature, in order to create these lively landscapes.

Russ has an affinity with nature. He has always been intrigued by it, and by the ocean especially. Russ spent his formative years in St John’s, Newfoundland, and he remembers fondly his grandmother’s house that was on a steep hill that led down to the waterfront. From the house, he could smell the ocean and see the passageway that leads to the harbour. These early maritime years have had a profound effect on him, both artistically and spiritually. As an adult, he continued to travel to the east coast. For many years, he and his wife travelled to Nova Scotia during the summer to vacation, to paint, and to connect with the South Shore community. The house they own in Nova Scotia is located in Queens County, located along the picturesque Atlantic south shore Lighthouse Route. You can see these influences in his maritime paintings that are part of his show.

During his teenage years, he returned to his Ottawa roots. Once back in Ottawa, he began to be heavily influenced by poetry. Indeed, poetry has always been an integral part of who Russ is. Some of his works showing at Applecrate Galleries are from Russ’ series that is inspired by Canadian Confederation poet, Archibald Lampman. Like Lampman’s poetry, Russ’ work has a spiritual, almost eerie, feel to them.

The evening of the vernissage was serene. The visitors enjoyed hearing Russ recite poetry while enjoying a glass of wine and viewing beautiful art amongst good company.

If you missed the opening or just need to see the show one more time, the show will be running until March 2, 2018.

Applecrate Galleries is located at 5530 Manotick Main Street in the quaint South Ottawa village of Manotick, Ontario.

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